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Home & Fashion: Pastel Pretty

As we spring into warm-weather season, it’s officially time to put away those midnight blacks, dark browns and jewel tones, instead, opt for uplifting and soft pastels. Paired perfectly with florals, these two trends are made for each other. Take your colour inspiration from blooming tulips, cotton candy at country fairs and of course, Pinterest.

Street Style

Home Style


World MasterCard Fashion Week F/W ’13: KORHANI home on the runway

Today is the big day! The KORHANI home runway show is tonight at 7 p.m. at Toronto Fashion Week! Will you be there? And more importantly, what will you be wearing in the tents? What Canadian influencers will be in the front row?

Join the conversation! We want to hear what you think of the show! Tweet at us @KORHANIhome! #KORHANIrunway #WMCFW

Tomorrow tune intoThe Global Morning Show with Liza Fromer LIVE at 8:30 a.m. ET to see Kirsten Korhani talking about her Fall/Winter 2013 Collection and see looks from each theme on our models.

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Home & Fashion: Splurge vs. Steal

Bring elements from the Spring Æ13 runways into your home décor pieces.


From Valentino and Balenciaga, to Alexander McQueen, a common trend on the Spring 2013 runway are cut-outs and an emphasis on geometric shapes û like triangles and diamonds.

Splurge: Balenciaga dress $1,145

Steal: Michaelis ÆKORHANI home area rug: 63″ x 89″ $90

Strong outlines!

Anna Sui and Oscar de la Renta showcase swirly and floral embroidery. More McQueen with horizontal lines and strong outlines.

Splurge: Oscar de la Renta $6,490

Steal: Fay KORHANI home two-faced patio rug, 94″ x 128″ $130


Mongolian Snow

KORHANI home’s Mongolian collection is in stores and perfect for the holidays. Sexy, full of colour and pattern and beautiful. Inspired by the Mongolian landscape, traditional patterns and the culture, this collection will impress all your guests!

Mongolian winters can be like our Canadian winters. The people who live in the mountains layer their clothes, walls and floors to keep warm.

KORHANI home Mongolian Beauty Collection.

The landscape colours that so greatly inspired the collection.


Beware the Black Friday

Every year, the day following American Thanksgiving, stores open extra early and offer shoppers wild sales to kick off the Holiday season. It has become the busiest shopping day of the year with people waiting inline the night before for stores such as Walmart, Target and Macy’s. No one is sure of the original reason the day is called ‘Black Friday’ but many people have reasons of their own why the title is appropriate.

Will you be scouting KORHANI home products this Friday?!

Beware the extra traffic, long checkout lines and scrambling shoppers when visiting your favourite shops this weekend. Stay safe and enjoy the shopping extravaganza!

The Power of Neutral

Colour tends to be the first design element considered when decorating. A neutral pallet, though thought to be colourless and dull can actually be the pillars of a most striking and inviting environment! Neutral colours give you a wide open canvas to play with powerful furniture, bold art work and cool accessories! Take a look at these examples of how powerful a neutral pallet can really be!


Elegant, striking and classical, neutral has a hidden power!

KORHANI home has an ongoing number of rugs to match any neutral decor pallet!!

A Fine Balance: Elements of Design

Design elements are crucial to the development of a beautiful home. These elements are the back bones to any great piece of artwork, allowing you too, to make your home masterful. Balance is Sunday’s feature design element; symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial.

Symmetrical balance is typical of traditional interiors. Signifying features such as objects, colours and patterns are arranged around the room based on a mirrored vertical axis. This creates tranquility and steadiness.

Asymmetrical balance is more common in interior design today. Asymmetry is achieved by arranging dissimilar objects, colours and patterns, equal in visual weight around the room, while feeling balanced from all sides. Asymmetry suggests movement, and leads to more lively interiors.

Radial symmetry is when all the components of a design are organized around a central point, radiating outward.

Report On Business

Last month the Globe and Mail featured KORHANI home in the Report On Business ‘Made in Canada: Six companies keep it local’.

Cover photo

Loom photo from the Sorel Factory in Quebec, Canada.

ôThe synergy between our domestic productions here in Canada and KORHANI home’s branding initiatives will create products that will be second to none in the market.ö says Moji Korhani, owner, KORHANI home.



The Article: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/rob-magazine/made-in-canada-six-companies-that-keep-it-local/article4634304/

Number of employees: 150.

Length of carpet produced annually if it were cut into one-metre squares and placed end-to-end: 2,351 CN Towers.

Price of its ôAssuntaö throw rug: $40.

Family-owned Korhani is only about one-100ths the size of the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Georgia-based Shaw Industries, owned by Warren BuffettÆs Berkshire Hathaway. But if carpet companies were ranked by chutzpah, Korhani would come in No. 1.

At the last three Toronto Fashion Weeks, it has ù incongruously ù clothed runway models in swatches of carpet (its carpet-cum-fashion has since appeared on runways in Berlin). The PR stunt was the brainchild of Kirsten Korhani, the companyÆs creative director (the Korhani family, originally from Iran, has been making and selling carpets since 1902).

In KorhaniÆs most recent designs, colours are bright, patterns are bold, and the overall effect is, well, out there. The wow factor seems to be working: Although exports make up less than half of the companyÆs revenue ù in Canada, the carpets retail in Walmart, among other stores ù sales to the United States and Europe are growing. The company has just one factory, in Sorel-Tracy south of Montreal, and since 2001 production is up fivefold ù the facility now runs 24 hours a day.

Life Style Lux: Pets, Pillows and Poufs

You are moving up in the world and you just got yourself a new condo, new leather couch and that fab new best friend! Loving you to bits and leaving a pretty little mess for when when you get home is what they do best!

Slick and sexy you want a house that reflects the successful person you are! Leather is easy to clean, get rid of that pet hair with just a quick vacuum or wipe down.

Stay classy, clean and cool with wicked interior style that is pet friendly and simple to keep clean and tidy!

And don’t forget the designer pet collar to show you know style ;)