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Jillian Harris on The Marilyn Denis Show

Jillian Harris joined KORHANI home for a special visit this past Thursday and also visited Marilyn Denis on The Marilyn Denis show to talk about her new love Jillian Harris Area Rug Collection by KORHANI home.  Jillian shared some tips on how you can craft a room based on a bold piece of furniture or an accessory (like an area rug!) while having fun with the other guests!  Check out some of the behind the scenes shots from her morning on set and with KORHANI home:


Jillian Harris visits with KORHANI home Co-Owner, Moji Korhani and Cheif Creative Officer, Kirsten Korhani


 Jillian Harris behind the scenes during rehersal at The Marilyn Denis Show


Jillian Harris and other Marilyn Denis guests Andrew Pike (left) and Tommy Smythe (center) joke around in the green room

In addition to sharing some great design advice, Jillian also made the exciting announcement about her exclusive collection launch in August with Save-On-Foods, featuring area rugs and home fashion items.  Check with your local Save-On-Foods for availability.


Left to Right: Cross My Heart rug available at Save-On-Foods, Classic Love rug available here, In The Lake rug available hereblack & white heart pillow available at Save-On-Foods

To see the full segment click here.

Home & Fashion Pastel Pretty header

Home & Fashion: Pastel Pretty

As we spring into warm-weather season, it’s officially time to put away those midnight blacks, dark browns and jewel tones, instead, opt for uplifting and soft pastels. Paired perfectly with florals, these two trends are made for each other. Take your colour inspiration from blooming tulips, cotton candy at country fairs and of course, Pinterest.

Street Style

Home Style

Home & Fashion Splurge vs Steal header

Home & Fashion: Splurge vs. Steal

Bring elements from the Spring Æ13 runways into your home décor pieces.


From Valentino and Balenciaga, to Alexander McQueen, a common trend on the Spring 2013 runway are cut-outs and an emphasis on geometric shapes û like triangles and diamonds.

Splurge: Balenciaga dress $1,145

Steal: Michaelis ÆKORHANI home area rug: 63″ x 89″ $90

Strong outlines!

Anna Sui and Oscar de la Renta showcase swirly and floral embroidery. More McQueen with horizontal lines and strong outlines.

Splurge: Oscar de la Renta $6,490

Steal: Fay KORHANI home two-faced patio rug, 94″ x 128″ $130


Home design romantic rooms header

Home design: romantic rooms

When our Creative Director Kirsten came up with our Belle du Jour theme, she wanted a Collection that was Parisian-esque with feminine touches of pink and nude mixed with satin, lace and pearls. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’ve selected some of our favourite feminine rooms and what accents can romanticize your home.


Feminine accents: Soft fabrics, lace, satin headboards, drapery, touches of pale pink, brass & gold fixtures, chandeliers.


Feminine accents: flowers, pale coloured walls, mirrors with floral accents, antique furniture and more chandeliers.

Cute DIY Vday accent – arrange real or fake rose petals in the shape of a heart on your bed or on the floor with a petal path leading to the bed.

Home tips: tricks to make your home look bigger

It’s January and that means weight loss is on the minds of many. There are fashion tricks we use to appear thinner to don’t wear patterns with horizontal lines, do wear dark colours on the bottom. The same types of tricks apply to your home when you want the opposite effect. There are ways to make a small space look bigger.

Colour to paint your walls white, cream or a light colour. Pale shades of blue, green or yellow work well. Light colours reflect light whereas dark colours absorb light. Match your carpet to your wall colour to amplify this effect.

Lighting to this is key to enhancing your space. If you have access to natural light to expose it. Even go as far as not having window coverings. If you don’t have much natural light, invest in a bright lighting fixture that will draw your eyes upwards or ceiling pot lights.

Mirrors to strategically placed mirrors can open up a small place. Mirrors reflect light and give the illusion that a hallway or wall has more depth.

Hopefully these tricks will give your small space the illusion of being bigger. Remember keep the colour light, the lights bright & the mirrors reflecting that light.

Beyond Venice

Venice is known for its masquerades, lavish costumes and gilded facades, but the mastery in ornament does not end within its canals. Burano, one of many small islands surrounding Venice has a unique and exquisit specialty of its own. Similar to Venice, it us made up of several canals that direct its tourists and few inhabitants. The island specializes in lace and has done so for hundreds of years.

The intricate lace patterns from Burano have influenced the world. The city, thought to be founded in the 6th century was visited by many famous scholars, including Leonardo da Vinci, who aided the popularity and spread of these stylistic details. KORHANI home’s Venice Carnival collection has designs inspired by such elaborate patterns.

All hand crafted, the city is the world’s finest producer of lace. Specializing in a craft for so many centuries has allowed time for its signature patterns to find themselves in our own current designs. KORHANI home has adopted some of these patterns by way of stylistic evolution!



Life Style Lux: Pets, Pillows and Poufs

You are moving up in the world and you just got yourself a new condo, new leather couch and that fab new best friend! Loving you to bits and leaving a pretty little mess for when when you get home is what they do best!

Slick and sexy you want a house that reflects the successful person you are! Leather is easy to clean, get rid of that pet hair with just a quick vacuum or wipe down.

Stay classy, clean and cool with wicked interior style that is pet friendly and simple to keep clean and tidy!

And don’t forget the designer pet collar to show you know style


Fashionable Homes and Heels!

Parading the perfect pair of heels is one of the best ways to make a profound fashion statement! Another way of giving a punch to your style at home is by featuring a powerful rug! This rug pattern from our Mongolian Beauty collection is packed with colour and totally match those amazing PRADA shoes of yours ;)!


At KORHANI home we love matching fashion with interiors, giving rooms tuns of excitement! Who is your favourite shoe designer? Could you design your room around your most coveted pair?!

Favourites from the Toronto IIDEX Show

Last week KORHANI home’s design team got to skip work to check out the amazing IIDEX interior and architecture show in downtownToronto! Some of the highlights were the conceptual adaptations of every day objects into spectacular interior art works and amazing products ranging from innovative eco floorings to growing walls. Thousands of ideas for truly creative spaces! Here are some of our favourites, such inspiration!

This instillation piece reminds us of German designer Lars Contzen! Read our blog entry about him!


Coiled metal wall art!

Art deco string chair.

These light filled pylons lined the entire wall. Very striking!

Moss art for outside and inside. It grows anywhere!

Wood wall emphasizing the natural grain.

Rug art! Love this one!