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Trending: wearing brocade to holiday parties

December is the month full of parties: work parties, Christmas parties and the biggest bash of all û New YearÆs Eve. ItÆs important to stand out û in the right way. Brocade is a lavish and holiday-worthy trend that will give your outfit the perfect amount of elegance.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Winter 2013 Collection was full of this chic look – inspired by Sicilian Baroque. KORHANI’s Bianka rug and gold frame bring the luxurious trend from the runway into your home.

Remember, keep it simple. Wear brocade on only one element of your ensemble. If your dress is full of gilded brocade, keep your shoes simple. Same goes with makeup. Make your eyes pop by adding gold highlights to a classic smoky eye.


Beyond Venice

Venice is known for its masquerades, lavish costumes and gilded facades, but the mastery in ornament does not end within its canals. Burano, one of many small islands surrounding Venice has a unique and exquisit specialty of its own. Similar to Venice, it us made up of several canals that direct its tourists and few inhabitants. The island specializes in lace and has done so for hundreds of years.

The intricate lace patterns from Burano have influenced the world. The city, thought to be founded in the 6th century was visited by many famous scholars, including Leonardo da Vinci, who aided the popularity and spread of these stylistic details. KORHANI home’s Venice Carnival collection has designs inspired by such elaborate patterns.

All hand crafted, the city is the world’s finest producer of lace. Specializing in a craft for so many centuries has allowed time for its signature patterns to find themselves in our own current designs. KORHANI home has adopted some of these patterns by way of stylistic evolution!



KORHANI home on CityLine

The buzz surrounding KORHANI home from World MasterCard Fashion Week is still alive and kicking!

KORHANI home’s runway show was featured last week, the morning of March 26th. Lynn Spence, a home decor expert, shared her incredible expertise about using area rugs as decorative pieces. The show included clips from Toronto Fashion Week and an exclusive interview with our Creative Director, Kirsten Korhani.

Click for this CityLine clip and more by visiting our YouTube channel: KORHANIhome1

To learn more visit: www.korhani.com


As a Canadian company, KORHANI home is proud to say that we’ve had press coverage all over our beautiful Nation. So far this year we’ve had the opportunity to bring our brand to the forefront of International fashion shows but we always get the most press from our home-based events when it comes to media coverage!

From The Toronto Star by Colin & Justin

During World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, the whirlwind of KORHANI home’s media coverage was tremendous! We have received an incredible amount of positive reviews from the fashion and home decor industries. We are proud of our Canadian heritage and enjoy the positive light that is shed. We will always be thankful for being recognized for our designs, product quality, creative outlets and being more accessibile than ever to the end consumers.

We have been featured in major Canadian online and print publications such as The Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Huffington Post, as well as broadcast media, CBC, Bollywood Television, CTV’s etalk, just to mention a few!

The Globe and Mail: Video from World MasterCard Fashion Week 2012

Bollywood Boulevard: OMNI Television

National Post: The Alphabet Buzz of Style from Toronto Fashion Week

The Toronto Sun: Featured Photos from World MasterCard Fashion Week 2012

This is only a snapshot of the enormous response we received over the course of fashion week in Toronto. With this fantastic response, we will be sure to continue to update press channels with the latest KORHANI home news!

Also, we have learned that through our social media channels, we have had the opportunity to interact in real-time with fans, consumers and more who are directly connected to us! We love having these valuable conversations within the fashion and home decor communities.

Thank you everyone! The KORHANI home Team.

For further information, visit our official website:



Moda Mongolia Fall/Winter 2012

We have had an overwhelming response over the past several days since our opening show at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto! The media covering us has reached across Canadian fashion and home decor afficianados alike. Even more exciting has been the press received from all over the World that has been so positive and we are ecstatic to see this response for our creativity and innovation.

Glam Punk Fall/Winter 2012

Our INTERNATIONAL love we have been receiving spans throughout North America, Central America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa! KORHANI home is interacting on a global scale expanding our market with audiences that we have never been able to reach before. A big reason for this has been the show itself, produced by owner Moji Korhani and his wife and Creative Director, Kirsten Korhani. We continue to share our designs through ongoing conversations and interaction with traditional media channels and the exciting allure of bringing our fashion-forward brand into social media channels.

These social media channels –Facebook, Twitter and YouTube û allows us to engage in valuable conversations and continue to build keen relationships with both local and international followers of our brand.
Venice Carnivale Fall/Winter 2012

The dynamic nature of the show enticed our loyal audience from past seasons but also turned the heads of industry critics and those that do not traditionally follow the scene. For the past three seasons at Toronto Fashion Week, KORHANI home has brought home decor to life on the runway. We find that industry professionals from fashion and home décor now anticipate the show every season, knowing that KORHANI home will never cease to amaze the audience.

Toronto Fashion Week 2012: Kirsten and Moji Korhani, Creative Director and Owner of KORHANI home

Here is the awe-inspiring ôinternational loveö (from featured articles, photos and blogs) that KORHANI home received from media across the globe!

Brazil: Moda Terra Article India: Fibre 2 Fashion

Kenya: Kenya Star Romania: E-National

U.S.A.: ABC News, Crave Online, Albuquerque Express, NY Magazine

China: China.org Philippines: Philippine Times

UK: My Daily UK, Sky Living, This is Money

Belgium: demorgan, HLN Greece: Gossip TV

Lithuania: ALFA Poland: Koktajl

France: Yahoo News France


To find out more visit: www.korhani.com


We know you want some more… so here’s hint #4!

The glitz and the glamour will be gracing the stage on Monday, March 12th @ 7pm at World MasterCard Fashion Week.

Want a chance to be at the show? You can win 2 free tickets to KORHANI home’s runway show! Visit our Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/KORHANIhome for the contest details.