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Seems like lately there’s been a lot of baby talk in Hollywood and celebrities certainly don’t count their pennies when it comes to their new bundles of joy. US magazine recently reported that Beyonce’s nursery is a whopping 2200 sq.ft, and let’s not forget Mariah Carey’s reported $1 million dollar baby haven she created for her twins.

But for those of us who don’t hang with the stars know that prepping a warm, cozy and quiet space for a newborn doesn’t need to be expensive. Setting a budget for your nursery and sticking to it can motivate you to find the deals and the things you and your baby will need. These rugs are all an affordable $130 for a 5×7, and their neutral tones mean you can add any accent colours you may be set on and still make it work.

Top Left: Vintage Motif No. 11 - Grey/Taupe/Cream, $130, 5x8; Top right: Mauret - Grey/Taupe, $130, 5x8; Bottom right: Folk 3 - Graphite, $130, 5x8; Bottom left: Braillen - Graphite, $130, 5x8. All rugs available at

Regardless of whether you’re having a boy or a girl (or both), neutral colours and soft pastels are generally safe palettes to go with when decorating. Add fun prints, and soft textures and you’ll add to the soothing ambiance of your nursery.

Still need ideas?

Decor expert Michelle Mawby explains how to choose the perfect items for your functional nursery on The Marilyn Denis’ show. The rugs you see in their ‘Home Segment’ are our KORHANI home rugs and can be found in our Online Shop for under $200.00. See how the experts pulled the room looks together in the clips below:

Posted on November 3, 2011 In Uncategorized

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