Home & Fashion: Pastel Pretty

As we spring into warm-weather season, it’s officially time to put away those midnight blacks, dark browns and jewel tones, instead, opt for uplifting and soft pastels. Paired perfectly with florals, these two trends are made for each other. Take your colour inspiration from blooming tulips, cotton candy at country fairs and of course, Pinterest.

Street Style

Home Style

Metropole rug, KORHANI home

Home Décor: From Indoor Winter Living to Outdoor Spring Living

As the snow melts and the smell of spring is in the air, we anticipate spending more time living outside – on patios, at cottages and in our backyards. When decorating on a budget, it’s great to purchase items that are stylish but also serve you year-round.

Treated seats or tables: These tree stump tables bring a natural feel into your family room but are versatile enough to move into your backyard once spring rolls around.

Two-faced rug: UV-treated rugs can handle weather conditions but are also stylish enough to have inside your kitchen. Pull this rug out to your patio to maximize its functionality – while being assured it won’t fade. Flip-over for an inverse colour combo. korhani.com

Storage bench: Move this wooden bench with wicker storage baskets from your front foyer onto your deck or back porch. Great for storing outdoor toys, gardening tools or pet products. target.ca

Home Style: Top 10 Celebrity Rooms

Often we are fascinated with the lives of celebrities. If you had all the money in the world, how would you decorate your home? Here are our top 10 drool-worthy celebrity homes:

Rosie O’Donnell’s Miami Beach mansion entrance

Julianne Moore’s Manhattan townhouse

Betsey Johnson’s bedroom in her Mexican casita

Designer Christian Audigier’s living room

A room in Diane von Furstenberg’s Manhattan penthouse

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne’s bedroom

The Vanesa KORHANI home rug fits into the Osbourne’s style & color theme perfectly.

Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith’s breakfast nook

Alicia Keyes Manhattan penthouse

Bruce Willis’ Idaho estate

Hilary Duff’s gorgeous Mediterranean-style home

Whose home style do you like the best?

Home tips: how to beat the winter blues

It’s the end of February and many of us are in the midst of the “winter blues”. Here are some tips for warming up your home and keeping your spirits uplifted!

1. Vacation photographs – showcasing happy (and warm!) memories from your favourite vacations.

2. Warm colours – adding accents to a room like a rug, throw pillows or blanket in warm tones.

3. Fresh flowers – picking up some fresh flowers can really brighten up a room and have you thinking of spring.

4. Fresh scents – lighting a cotton or ocean scented candle can have you thinking of summer. After all, smell is one of our senses that is linked to memory.

5. Natural light – exposing natural light and getting as much vitamin D as possible is key. Amplify the natural light effect with a decorative wall mirror.


Coverage of KORHANI home showcased through our INTERNATIONAL love post from around the globe doesn’t stop with traditional media outlets. Having created collections in the past with bloggers drawing from personal inspiration, we want to give a big shoutout with examples of recent BLOGGER love!

Sara Cation from Style at Home

Full article available here: Style at Home Blog: KORHANI home feature

The blogging community is showing us love from both home decor and fashion and we are thrilled with the response!

Jillian Harris from JillianHarris.com

Full article available here: Jillian Harris Blog: KORHANI home feature

The rave reviews and features from bloggers came quickly as word spread immediately from those who attended our opening runway show at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto. Thank you for all of the BLOGGER #love! We can’t say enough about the many positive comments about the textures, patterns, colours and excitement surrounding our new collection for Fall/Winter 2012. Full article available here: HGTV Blog: KORHANI home feature

Talya Macedo for KentonMagazine.com

Full article available here: Kenton Magazine Blog: KORHANI home feature

Thank you to all the bloggers who take the time to feature us on their blogs! Here are some more blogs that featured KORHANI home from World MasterCard Fashion week in Toronto earlier this March!

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