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Rococo Goes Pop

With the Fall season coming up, we decided to let you in on a little sneak peak on our upcoming collection: Rococo Goes Pop. If you aren’t familiar with the term, Rococo is an 18th century artistic movement/style which affected many aspects of art.


Here, at KORHANI, we were truly inspired by the asymmetrical designs, golds, shell-shaped curves and colours which helped achieve Rococo’s reputation of “elegant prettiness”. This movement is still featured in theatre, art, literature, film and more which influenced us to include the style into our Fall collection. Check out some examples of the Rococo style below:












Our theme however, focuses on Rococo going POP! We decided to modernize the movement as we added plenty of bold colours for more of a playful vibe. While browsing this collection, you will find powerful yellows, royal blues, deep greens and accents of glamorous golds within our rugs, cushions and throws. This collection is perfect to transition your living space and bring some elegance to your home this Fall season.


Bring Rococo right to your own home.

Look out for our Rococo Goes Pop collection coming soon to Lowes, Rona and on our website!


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Summer Patio Rug Contest Winner Announced!

Thank you for entering our KORHANI Summer Patio Rug Contest (#KORHANISPRC)! We were thrilled at the number of entries and now we are pleased to announce the three winners who will be receiving one of our Saugeen Turf Rugs (6’7″ x 8’8″):


First draw: Linda Ann

Second draw: Sherri Chastain

Third draw: Stacy Giacosa-Bauer 


Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all those who participated. We have more contests coming your way, so be prepared as you just might be the next winner!

We will reach out to the winners for inquiries about the chosen delivery method and their mailing address.

Please contact for any questions or concerns.




Lowes-Saugeen-Outdoor-Turf-Patio-Rug 11178376_1078598765503496_5612590395607527884_n





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Summer Patio Rug Contest!

Still struggling to find that perfect outdoor patio rug? Let us help you revamp your outdoor space and enjoy what’s left of summer!  We are giving away one of our Saugeen Turf Rugs (6’7″ x 8’8″) to not one, not two but 3 lucky winners! This  outdoor area rug combines a vibrant green, faux grass pattern into a neutral flatweave that will add dimension and texture to your outdoor space. What more could you really want in an outdoor patio rug?





Enter for your chance to win by simply subscribing to our newsletter on our website

And don’t forget to share/repost the photo shown above to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #KORHANISPRC. (Korhani Summer Patio Rug Contest)


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No purchase necessary. Valid for Canadian and U.S. residents only. This contest will run for two weeks beginning on July 15th, 2015 at 9:00 AM and expire on July 29th, 2015 at 12:00 AM (EST).





Make Way For Our Joyland S/S 2015 Collection!

Bright sunny days are upon us, so isn’t it time we welcome it with some dazzling new prints? The Joyland collection lets us indulge in our wanderlust; it provides a longing for nostalgia so we can all rediscover the child within and learn to be crazy and simply carefree again. Featuring cheerful yellow-orange tones and robust browns and khakis, add a mix of patterns to your outdoor space this summer with these lively and colourful pieces from the Joyland collection. It’s time to take away some seriousness from the usual dull work-wear impression.


Check out some of our favourite designs below!





































































Shown above are the Bowers Outdoor Area Rug, the Rideau Outdoor Area Rug and the Ancon Outdoor Area Rug.



Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s day is only a couple of days away!

For many, fathers are the people behind the scenes, the pillar of strength for the family, and the one you go to when there is something to fix in the house. Today we will share with you our gift ideas for your dad and ways you can make them feel appreciated.

Be Adventurous

Are there any out of the box ideas your dad may like? Anything that you can do together such as going for a long hike, or a road trip or maybe even skydiving! Make the day memorable by doing something extraordinary, this way your dad will definitely remember that day, spend quality time together and make memories.

Style His Office/Man-cave 

We know most dads are very low maintenance when it comes to decor and don’t follow the latest home fashion trends religiously. Freshen up your dad’s office by adding a few new pieces that will make the space feel new and fresh! A great and easy way to update a room is through rugs; they pull any room together. We have a few special styles for dad, the ones featured below that will make a great conversation piece.

PicMonkey Collage2

Left to Right: Vintage Motif No.1 and Vintage Motif No.14

Summer Barbecue 

You can’t go wrong with the classic summer barbecue idea. Get your whole family together, invite a couple close friends and have a barbecue for the dads. Make their favourite dishes and drinks.

It is time to celebrate all that fathers do for us.


Trends We Love: Nature Inspired Home Fashion

Patio season is officially upon us and we are excited about our new Matrix of Nature collection. The latest trend in home fashion is incorporating nature inspired pieces into the home both indoors and out – earth tones, vibrant greens, and patterns of earth, water, and foliage!

We love this trend! Our latest area rug collection, Matrix of Nature revolves around earthy tones, and themes of nature.   Check out our inspirations below!



 Featured Rugs: Gendron Outdoor Area Rug, Paraty Indoor Area Rug, Westbury Outdoor Area Rug

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Integrating Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

A beautiful outdoor space is now just as important as your indoor space and creating a flow between indoors and out can sometimes be challenging! KORHANI home has you covered though, as we are sharing our best tips to acheive a cohesive and stylish flow between indoors and out: 

Keep Close & Remove Barriers

When designing your outdoor space, keep it close to the indoor entertaining areas such as your kitchen or dinning room. This will provide you with the convenience of going from the kitchen to the patio without a long hike.

The best way to have your outdoor space flow with your indoor space is to literally open up your interior to the outdoors. Do not be afraid to use large pocket or accordion doors as they will remove physical barriers and let you enjoy both spaces together.

Let the Outdoors In 

The best way to combine the two spaces is to use to floor-to-ceiling glass or large panel windows to open up the view and make the walls, which can act as a barrier, disappear. When the space is opened up, it becomes much easier to create a flow between the indoors and out, as it allows you to use similar furniture and colour schemes.

Use Colour and Accessories 

A quick and easy way to integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces is to design both with complementary colours and materials. Keep it simple outdoors by relating your garden to your indoor space. Have a favourite flower planted in the garden?  Add one to a small pot and bring it indoors as well!

Use similar materials inside and outside to create a symmetrical flow and make sure to use a similar colour scheme. Matching area rugs are a great way of integrating outdoor and indoor spaces. Patio rugs are becoming so stylish that you will want to bring them indoors – which you can! And because they are built to last in the elements, it makes them extra durable for indoor use. Click here to shop our new Matrix of Nature Collection.

Blog Rug Pictures

From left to right: Gendron Reversible Outdoor Area Rug, Paraty Indoor Area Rug, Westbury Faux Grass Outdoor Area Rug

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Get Your Patio Summer Ready!

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to get ready for outdoor entertaining, evening lounging, and barbecues! To get ready for patio season, we have put together some tips that will give you a head start.


Post-Winter Clean Up & Inspection

First, and most importantly, doing a maintenance check and a post-winter clean-up is a crucial starting point. This involves removing dead branches and pruning and re-planting where necessary. While doing so, make sure to conduct a critter check – unwanted guests should not partake in your outdoor entertaining. Post-winter cleaning should also include getting your grill ready for the season to make sure it is in a good working state before you make any dinner plans.


Patio Furniture

After completing all the cleaning and inspecting, it’s time to bring out your patio furniture. Once again, it will most likely need some cleaning after months of being in storage. When putting together your outdoor space, remember that the  same rules apply to outdoor seating areas as they do indoors. Make sure you have a focal point such as a nice view, a fire pit, or a colourful patio rug, around which you will centre your patio furniture.


Personalizing Your Space 

Don’t forget to add personality and style to your patio! A great way of doing so is by adding a patio rug to your outdoor space. Not only will it add colour, but it will tie your whole space together. If your goal is to add some vibrancy and texture to your patio space, then we suggest our brand new Faux Grass Meets Fashion patio rugs! These beautiful outdoor rugs feature vibrant green faux grass mixed with neutral flatweave in fresh nature inspired designs.


KORHANI home Westbury Faux Grass Patio Rug – Available at Home Hardware


If you’re looking to brighten up you space, patio rugs in contemporary designs that are available in multiple sizes and are also reversible are featured in the Glenn Dixon Home Collection, click here.


 Glenn Dixon Reversible Plastic Daroda Outdoor Rug


We hope this inspires you to get outside and take advantage of the warm summer nights!


Home & Fashion Pastel Pretty header

Home & Fashion: Pastel Pretty

As we spring into warm-weather season, it’s officially time to put away those midnight blacks, dark browns and jewel tones, instead, opt for uplifting and soft pastels. Paired perfectly with florals, these two trends are made for each other. Take your colour inspiration from blooming tulips, cotton candy at country fairs and of course, Pinterest.

Street Style

Home Style


Home DÚcor: From Indoor Winter Living to Outdoor Spring Living

As the snow melts and the smell of spring is in the air, we anticipate spending more time living outside – on patios, at cottages and in our backyards. When decorating on a budget, it’s great to purchase items that are stylish but also serve you year-round.

Treated seats or tables: These tree stump tables bring a natural feel into your family room but are versatile enough to move into your backyard once spring rolls around.

Two-faced rug: UV-treated rugs can handle weather conditions but are also stylish enough to have inside your kitchen. Pull this rug out to your patio to maximize its functionality û while being assured it wonÆt fade. Flip-over for an inverse colour combo.

Storage bench: Move this wooden bench with wicker storage baskets from your front foyer onto your deck or back porch. Great for storing outdoor toys, gardening tools or pet products.