As a Canadian company, KORHANI home is proud to say that we’ve had press coverage all over our beautiful Nation. So far this year we’ve had the opportunity to bring our brand to the forefront of International fashion shows but we always get the most press from our home-based events when it comes to media coverage!

From The Toronto Star by Colin & Justin

During World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, the whirlwind of KORHANI home’s media coverage was tremendous! We have received an incredible amount of positive reviews from the fashion and home decor industries. We are proud of our Canadian heritage and enjoy the positive light that is shed. We will always be thankful for being recognized for our designs, product quality, creative outlets and being more accessibile than ever to the end consumers.

We have been featured in major Canadian online and print publications such as The Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Huffington Post, as well as broadcast media, CBC, Bollywood Television, CTV’s etalk, just to mention a few!

The Globe and Mail: Video from World MasterCard Fashion Week 2012

Bollywood Boulevard: OMNI Television

National Post: The Alphabet Buzz of Style from Toronto Fashion Week

The Toronto Sun: Featured Photos from World MasterCard Fashion Week 2012

This is only a snapshot of the enormous response we received over the course of fashion week in Toronto. With this fantastic response, we will be sure to continue to update press channels with the latest KORHANI home news!

Also, we have learned that through our social media channels, we have had the opportunity to interact in real-time with fans, consumers and more who are directly connected to us! We love having these valuable conversations within the fashion and home decor communities.

Thank you everyone! The KORHANI home Team.

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KORHANI home on CTV’s etalk

KORHANI home joined the entertainment buzz last night in a segment on etalk!

Etalk not only covers the latest in entertainment, but also updates on fashion from high-end designers (this week featuring Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs) to celebrity news (interviewing The Hunger Games stars for the opening weekend) to home decor trends for the season. Kirsten Korhani, Creative Director, talked about sprucing up your space with vibrant colours and how KORHANI home can add life to your living space!

Featuring our gorgeous rugs, beautiful home accessories and accessible pricing, you can’t go wrong with KORHANI home’s collections this season.

Here are exclusive behind the scenes photos of the segment:

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Coverage of KORHANI home showcased through our INTERNATIONAL love post from around the globe doesn’t stop with traditional media outlets. Having created collections in the past with bloggers drawing from personal inspiration, we want to give a big shoutout with examples of recent BLOGGER love!

Sara Cation from Style at Home

Full article available here: Style at Home Blog: KORHANI home feature

The blogging community is showing us love from both home decor and fashion and we are thrilled with the response!

Jillian Harris from

Full article available here: Jillian Harris Blog: KORHANI home feature

The rave reviews and features from bloggers came quickly as word spread immediately from those who attended our opening runway show at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto. Thank you for all of the BLOGGER #love! We can’t say enough about the many positive comments about the textures, patterns, colours and excitement surrounding our new collection for Fall/Winter 2012. Full article available here: HGTV Blog: KORHANI home feature

Talya Macedo for

Full article available here: Kenton Magazine Blog: KORHANI home feature

Thank you to all the bloggers who take the time to feature us on their blogs! Here are some more blogs that featured KORHANI home from World MasterCard Fashion week in Toronto earlier this March!

It’s All Style to Me Blog: KORHANI home feature

The Backstage Life Blog: KORHANI home feature

My Daily Blog: KORHANI home feature

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Moda Mongolia Fall/Winter 2012

We have had an overwhelming response over the past several days since our opening show at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto! The media covering us has reached across Canadian fashion and home decor afficianados alike. Even more exciting has been the press received from all over the World that has been so positive and we are ecstatic to see this response for our creativity and innovation.

Glam Punk Fall/Winter 2012

Our INTERNATIONAL love we have been receiving spans throughout North America, Central America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa! KORHANI home is interacting on a global scale expanding our market with audiences that we have never been able to reach before. A big reason for this has been the show itself, produced by owner Moji Korhani and his wife and Creative Director, Kirsten Korhani. We continue to share our designs through ongoing conversations and interaction with traditional media channels and the exciting allure of bringing our fashion-forward brand into social media channels.

These social media channels –Facebook, Twitter and YouTube û allows us to engage in valuable conversations and continue to build keen relationships with both local and international followers of our brand.
Venice Carnivale Fall/Winter 2012

The dynamic nature of the show enticed our loyal audience from past seasons but also turned the heads of industry critics and those that do not traditionally follow the scene. For the past three seasons at Toronto Fashion Week, KORHANI home has brought home decor to life on the runway. We find that industry professionals from fashion and home décor now anticipate the show every season, knowing that KORHANI home will never cease to amaze the audience.

Toronto Fashion Week 2012: Kirsten and Moji Korhani, Creative Director and Owner of KORHANI home

Here is the awe-inspiring ôinternational loveö (from featured articles, photos and blogs) that KORHANI home received from media across the globe!

Brazil: Moda Terra Article India: Fibre 2 Fashion

Kenya: Kenya Star Romania: E-National

U.S.A.: ABC News, Crave Online, Albuquerque Express, NY Magazine

China: Philippines: Philippine Times

UK: My Daily UK, Sky Living, This is Money

Belgium: demorgan, HLN Greece: Gossip TV

Lithuania: ALFA Poland: Koktajl

France: Yahoo News France


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Moji & Kirsten Korhani bring KORHANI home to Berlin

Moji and Kirsten Korhani, Owner and Creative Director of KORHANI home, have been traveling to draw inspiration from numerous well-known designer runway shows in North America and Europe. Recently in Berlin, they were thrilled to introduce their fashion-forward brand.

The KORHANI home runway show in Berlin at the AXICA Kongress introduced the Canadian Collection. In Berlin, KORHANI home partnered with the Canadian Tourism Board to showcase the eclectic and creative Canadiana themes on the runway.

The collection captivated the audience and displayed the influence that home decor trends are now inspiring those of fashion.

Moji and Kirsten Korhani brought this Canadian Collection to a place they also call home. Combining inspirations from the past to create styles for the present, they are now connecting with both fashion audiences and home decor purchasers across the globe. The reception has been outstanding and we thank everyone who has taken the time to recognize our exciting brand.


Berufebilder’s Simone Janson Covers KORHANI home in Berlin!

Guest Blogger: Simone Janson, Berufebilder


Fashion promotes home accessories
A truly innovative marketing idea by Kirsten Korhani, Creative Director of KORHANI home, is that she uses design to inspire home decor. In Canada, and now also in her country of birth Germany, she sends the model down the catwalk, while the home decor of the company produces and markets for Retailers û with resounding success.

While others may a find trying to blog about wooly rug images too time consuming, we went a step further. Here’s why: Living in Toronto, Canadian-German designer Kirsten Korhani not only created a new way to advertise KORHANI home products, she created a whole new form of design û and successfully captured her imagination using the catwalk.

At first people just shook their heads at the concept

A creative, almost shy, native of Hamburg, takes the stage after the successful catwalk show last week at the Canadian event in the ITB in Berlin. She shortly comes out, beckons, then disappears behind the scenes.

During our interview, Kirsten mentions that in the beginning, many people shook their head at the idea of rugs being a fashion statement. Just 200 People were at the first show but once they saw the vision, it quickly caught on! KORHANI home opened this year’s World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto with its Deco collection of Moda Mongolia, Glam Punk and Venice Carnivale with great feedback.

From the two-dimensional catalogue to the three-dimensional catwalk
Kirsten has always been interested in fashion. While studying business administration, she was always interested in the industry but she really started her passion after migrating to Canada in 2000.

This passion began after her marriage to KORHANI home President Moji Korhani and joined his rug business with a keen eye to design. The product range has been expanded to home accessories and Kirsten Korhani has taken fancy robes, carpets and other home decor materials, integrating the products of the Company from the two-dimensional catalog to the three-dimensional catwalk.

Indian-style ensembles from carpets
ôI want to show that each season can bring fresh air, even with relatively little money, into a home û so how to even do that in fashion [is the question]ö, tells the Creative Director. And of course if you look at origins by looking to garments û But exactly that she has created, such as the Indian-style ensemble as seen above, accounts for the charm of the whole concept.

Overall, the reference to Canada in the collection shown on the ITB was more than clear that Kirsten Korhani has been able to leverage her fashion and design experience as a German in Canada.

Canada û Germany compared
Canada, she says, is multi-cultural and it is easy to become one among many. You must prepare yourself for the friendships. ôI got married there and that made it much easier.ö She went on to describe that Canada is more conservative and family-oriented than Germany.

ôPeople work much more [in Canada] than in Germany, [often] have two or three jobs. Leisure time is a very high priority û and that time is spent with the family preferably, the designer reported on her experiences û before she rushes to the show!

About Simone Janson


Simone Janson is a journalist (including for ZEIT-ONLINE, S³ddeutsche and the Financial Times Germany) and an expert on new forms of digital work through the Institute of Communication in Social Media in Berlin. She has been a lecturer at various Universities, wrote more than ten books and, the leading German blog on education & new forms of employment in digital.

From Rug Fashion to Rug Tote Bags!

At World MasterCard Fashion Week we turned rugs into couture, so we thought as a parting gift for our guests we would transform our beautiful rugs into tote bags to take home!

These stylish designs reflected our three themes for the evening: Moda Mongolia, Glam Punk and Venice Carnivale. We are delighted that everyone at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto who attended our show took away one of our creations!


Micro Pet Pigs have stolen our hearts and the runway

Micro Pet Pigs are the talk of the town! KORHANI home’s runway show at World MasterCard Fashion Week showcased the cuddly creatures with our Glam Punk theme.

The crowd loved the adorable micro-piglets as they entered the runway and stole the hearts of everyone at the show. Who wouldn’t want a micro pet pig?

Want to find out more about the micro pet pigs? Visit!

A Spectacular Evening at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto

Last night, we dazzled the runway with rug couture creations as the opening show at World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto! The crowd was ‘wowed’ by our colourful themes and surprising stars of the show!

The spectacular showcase of our Mongolian, Glam Punk and Venetian inspired designs enthralled the audience from start to finish.

Don’t worry, there are more photos to come!



Tonight is the Night!

This is it! KORHANI home’s opening runway show at World MasterCard Fashion Week is tonight at 7pm!

We are more than ready to hit the stage in Toronto after our fabulous runway show at the Axica Kongress in Berlin, Germany.

It’s the big day and we are excited to showcase our new collections!

We promised to leave you hanging until the clock strikes 7pm, so here are a few more hints to tie you over.