Easter Brights

With Easter Weekend only two days away, we thought we would share some colourful Easter décor inspiration.  Whether you are hosting a simple brunch, or an elaborate dinner, there are so many easy and creative ways to add some bright Easter colours to your table setting.

We love the table setting below:

Which would match our KORHANI home Elton (left) or Lynedock (right) outdoor area rugs perfectly! (available at Giant Tiger)

Here is some more Easter décor that we love:

Happy Easter everyone!


Home Décor Trend: Bright Pops of Colour

It’s been a long and grey winter ­- a VERY long and grey winter. And now we are heading into the greyness of April showers. That is why we are so excited about this latest trend! Bright pops of colour have been seen everywhere this spring, from the runway, to the home. What better way to shake off the cold winter months than with a big splash of colour! Get yourself excited for the upcoming patio season with the bright inspirations below.




The KORHANI home Balfour (left) and Sabinal (right) outdoor area rugs will add a cheerful vibe to any outdoor space. They are both recyclable and reversible, and at only $25 (for a limited time, web only), a huge steal!


Preparing for Patio Season

As temperatures are FINALLY starting to rise in some areas, we can’t help but daydream about patio season.  Although it may be a little too soon to begin enjoying al fresco dinners, you can definitely begin to plan your outdoor space so you are ready to go as soon as the mercury decides to stay in double digits. Below are our tips for planning the perfect outdoor space.

Function: What will your patio be used for? Will you primarily be eating dinner there? Or will you be hosting parties regularly? Or maybe it is going to be an area for children to play. Decide what the primary use of your patio will be so that you can make sure your layout and furniture is functional.

Furniture: Based on what you have decided the function of your patio will be, you can now create a list of patio furniture that you need to purchase.  Maybe it’s an outdoor dining table for dinners, or just some loungers or a sectional if you will only be entertaining guests for cocktails.

Accessories: Don’t forget to add a little life to your backyard. Decorate with outdoor cushions, mini fire pits, plants, and patio area rugs.

Layout: Decide what the focus of your patio will be and create your layout with that in mind. There are plenty of great design blogs for inspiration, or simply head to a store to see how their furniture displays are organized.

Need inspiration for a great focal point? Try the KORHANI home Vitara (left) or Buttonwood (right) area rugs as an anchor for your outdoor space. They are the perfect size to accommodate a dining table or outdoor living area, and both are reversible, providing two fresh looks!


Fashion Week Trends: From the Runway to Your Home

In a flurry of heels, colours, and prints, World MasterCard Fashion Week has come and gone yet again in Toronto. Here at KORHANI home, we love fashion and couldn’t help but pay close attention to the trends on display for Fall 2014. We’ve paired them below with our on-trend area rugs!


Earthy Knits

Earth tones were everywhere in the shape of chunky knits. The KORHANI home Grirar area rug from the Whispering Shades collection fits the trend perfectly.



There were plenty of large prints on the runway including birds and wolves, but we couldn’t help but notice this lunar print.  It’s reminiscent of KORHANI home’s Gerardo rug from the Nocturnal collection.


Neutral Glam


There were plenty of neutrals on the runway, but designers were glamming them up with embellishents, sparkles, and metalics.  The KORHANI home Tana rug from the Allure collection is right on trend with gold and cream.


Moody Black

Black and leather set a moody tone on many runways. Get in touch with your inner darkness with KORHANI home’s Zedock rug from the Nocturnal collection.



Throwback Thursday: 25 Years of Fashion Cares

It’s hard to image that it has been 25 years since Fashion Cares joined the fight against HIV/AIDS in Canada. Over the years the event has raised millions of dollars to support the important work of the AIDS Commitee of Toronto (ACT)

KORHANI home was proud to be a sponsor back in 2012 of the night of glitter and light with headliner Sir Elton John.

Here are a few of our favourite memories from the night.



KORHANI home develops and produces its first exhibition devoted to celebrating home fashion at the Interior Design Show

On January 23rd-26th, the Interior Design Show of Toronto (IDS) welcomed KORHANI home, for its first major exhibition celebrating style and fashion for home. KORHANI home has brought innovation and cutting edge technologies to the home since inception in 1902. Today over a century later, KORHANI home has evolved into an empire of Canadian-made, chic yet affordable products redefining the way you style your home.

KORHANI home aims to personally stylize your home with the changing seasons – just like your wardrobe. So in 2010, KORHANI home took to the runways of World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin to showcase their home collections. Building on this worldwide success and wanting to reach and connect with a larger audience the label joined IDS to showcase its best designs in an innovative interactive exhibition.

Located at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre, this dynamic multimedia installation allowed visitors to enter the world of Kirsten Korhani on a never before seen journey, where celebrated KORHANI home designs came alive in a creative theatrical spectacle. Chief Designer and Creative director, Kirsten Korhani, masterfully designed each stunning home fashion piece. “I wanted to create an exhibition with our home collections that has that interactive feel of our runway shows and bring that to a larger audience who wouldn’t normally get a chance to experience our fashion shows,” explained Kirsten Korhani.

The first of its kind in the home fashion world, this contemporary installation used cutting edge video projection and surface mapping technology to bring to life mannequins with interactive faces, who guided visitors through the home fashion world of KORHANI home.

The multimedia exhibition was organized into three thematic sections, showcasing the diversity and creativity of KORHANI home:

• Fall down the rabbit hole into the KORHANI in Wonderland inspired tableau, showcasing highlights from the labels renowned World MasterCard Fashion Week “Rug Runway”. Indoor and outdoor carpets are magically reinvented into upscale couture pieces, featuring whimsical patterns from the Courtyard Rug Collection. Rugs, as garments? We must be in the world of the mad hatter!

• Senoritas and Senores will adore the Cuba libre inspired theme, which embraces the glamour, elegance, eccentricity and colourful home décor fashions of the Veranda Rug Collection. Bring the spice and excitement of 1950’s Havana to your patio this season, with flirtatious home fashions that will have you cheering “Ole!”

• Eat cake in style at the Versailles inspired installation, where you will be swept off your feet by the sophisticated and romantic designs from the Terrace Rug Collection. Surround yourself with the opulent and extravagant grounds of Versailles in your own home garden; with decorative trompe-l’oeil patterns that convey the mystery of love, romance and betrayal.

Discover your inner designer for under $100 and visit www.korhani.com today!


Home Décor Trend: Black and White

No other color combination packs such a powerful punch than the high contrast color duo of black and white. Not only do we love this bold trend, but so do the fashion empires of Gucci, Alexander Wang and Carolina Herrera.  Like a well-fitted tuxedo, this color combo is a timeless style that leaves room for fun design and fashion experiments.




Here at, KORHANI home we have incorporated this fabulous trend into our Puttin’ on the Ritz Collection which was inspired by the roaring 20′s and Art Deco.  To shop our entire collection visit www.korhani.com today.

Home Decor: Fabulously French!

We are completely enamored at the moment with all things French.  From Parisian palace to country cottage, French aristocrats and peasants alike set trends for fabric, furnishing and add a sophisticated approach to decorating a home.

Why you’ll love it: The Decor

Even though French decorating trends today are quite modern, many of them are still influenced by the rich fabrics and textures of the Renaissance era.  Lively jewel tones, accompanied with deep earth tones and primary colours become the perfect palette for furniture, bedding and of course rugs!

Take this exquisite Salon Louis XIII at the Four Seasons St. George in Paris pictured below.  It features a unique 18th century Aubusson tapestry and a fireplace that was transported from a Renaissance chateau in the Loire Valley.  If you look closely, you will notice their use of layered rugs on top of the already plush carpet giving the room an even more luxurious feel.

Decorating Tip:

Complete your French Renaissance room with textured wallpaper and use accent pillows made of velvet to complement any brass upholstery.  Remember, the key to French decorating is to focus on rich colours and textures and add cream coloured or sandy trimmings to bring the 18th century inspired room to present time.

Now you too can bring Paris right to your home with a little help from the KORHANI home French Affair Collection.  It features a wide selection of indoor and outdoor rugs that highlight the deep reds of the French Renaissance era, giving your living space an attainable yet truly regal ambiance fit for a king.

Get started on your French inspired interior today and visit www.korhani.com for the complete French Affair Collection.

Home Décor: Miami Chic

What better way to cool down during the summer months than taking a dip into your very own Miami- inspired pool bar? Here at KORHANI home, we have the perfect Miami Nice Patio Collection that will fool your guests into thinking they are in South Beach, and all for just $99.00

Like the infamous turquoise blue waters of the Raleigh pool in South Beach, our sea foam blue indoor and outdoor cushion captures the essence of a relaxing, tranquil lifestyle while providing an element of comfort for your backyard.

You’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven when you’re stretched out on this convertible black lounge chair, soaking up rays and enjoying a chilled beverage poolside.

As shown above, the Raleigh Pool Bar captures the warmth of the beautiful Miami sunset many of us dream of seeing with its oak floors and intimate lighting.  Our Coco Mat and Patio Rug encompass the same type of coziness with its bronze and sandy tones, giving your entertaining space a warm ambiance.

The KORHANI home Miami Nice Patio Collection is the perfect addition for updating your outdoor living space and incorporating a South Beach feel.  Order yours online today! www.korhani.com